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Make checks payable to:

P.O. Box 3449
Astoria, NY  11103


Please include your e-mail address with all orders!

INDIVIDUAL TAPE PRICES: All 90-minute tapes are $6 each, 60-minute tapes are $4 each. LL1-10 are $8 each (2 x 60")

You must add $1 per tape service charge on orders under $24. You may not take discounts off set prices, which are already discounted!!!

DISCOUNTS: Order 12 tapes at one time to qualify for 10% discount. Order 24 or more tapes at one time for 20% discount.

Discounts apply only when you order individual tapes!  NOT SETS!!  You may not take discounts off set prices, which are already discounted!!!

However, if you are placing a large order, it may be to your advantage to figure the prices both ways.  Total the set prices and compare with the individual tape cost with discounts.  If you are placing a very large order, inquire about further discounts.  You might catch me in a good mood.  Full payment must accompany order - Schmidco does not bill.  We can accept checks and money orders only.  Prices include shipping via US Postal Service Priority Mail and all “handling costs”.  If you have questions, please write or e-mail. Did I mention that there’s no discount on sets?

New York State Residents:  For now I will continue to absorb your sales taxes - they are included in the tape cost.

Outside of US:  We will ship anywhere in the world, but you must pay the additional mailing charges.

Wanted:  Any Jean Shepherd material not listed here, especially your home tapes of his own radio shows, radio and television guest appearances, etc.  Please let me know what you have.  If I need it I will trade or buy.  I can also transfer your reel-to-reel airchecks to cassettes for you in exchange for the reel, if you want to hear your old shows again.  So start searching your attics and basements!  EXCELSIOR!!

We also carry a large selection of Old Time Radio broadcasts, ranging from comedy classics such as Henry Morgan and Vic and Sade; to detective, mystery, science-fiction, and horror shows, as well as more recent radio series like The National Lampoon Radio Hour, Friars Roasts, etc. Complete catalog mailed with any order on request only, so just ask for your copy.  Available on paper or electronically.

NYC listeners can hear Jean Shepherd weekly from 5 to 6 AM Tuesday Mornings on WBAI 99.5 FM - now on the Web!